Topy America

Topy America is a subsidiary of Topy Industries Limited located in Tokyo, Japan. Topy Industries Ltd., has four divisions, Wheel, Steel, Undercarriage and the Science Divisions. Topy Industries Ltd. has business ventures all over the world including Mexico, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Europe and the United States.

Topy America, Inc. was established March, 2007, with the merger of three (3) separate companies with headquarters in Frankfort, Kentucky. Located in Elk Grove, Illinois the O.T.R. Division is the primary importer of S.G.O.R. (Super Giant Off the Road) wheels from Topy Industries, Ltd., Japan for North American customers. Located in Smyrna, Tennessee, the Undercarriage Division is an assembler of tracks for the construction industry in North America. Located in Frankfort, Kentucky, the Automotive Division (formerly known as Topy Corporation) is a steel wheel manufacturer for passenger cars and light trucks in North America. All three of these divisions are supported by Topy Industries. Ltd., to ensure that they provide the best quality, cost, delivery, development and service for our respective customers.

Topy invests much of its resources in sophisticated state of the art technologies as well as in our Associates who play a critical part in our achievements. Our Associates are responsible for weaving critically important activities into their duties in the never ending pursuit of continuous improvement for Safety, Quality and Productivity.

Beware of e-mails pretending to be from Topy Industries and Topy America
We have confirmed cases of e-mails pretending to be from Topy Industries and Topy America being sent to companies in the United States and Canada. These e-mails are being sent from e-mail addresses such as [topyindustriesltd.com], [gmail.com] etc. using the names of Topy Industries and Topy America personnel as a disguise and have nothing to do with Topy Industries Limited and Topy America. If you receive such e-mails, do not reply or enter into any transactions.